Vitafloor Shop

At Vitafloor, we stock a range of products to ensure horses’ fitness and safety. Our horse equipment is designed to improve performance, recovery, and prevent injuries.

We supply outdoor and indoor ceiling-mounted horse exercisers that help your equines get the daily walking they need. For rehabilitation and injury prevention, an equine vibration plate offers a range of benefits including oxygenation of tissues and relief from soreness and inflammation. Horse gear for physiotherapy can provide heating and cooling to aid in tendon and ligament healing, as well as soothing relief for knee or hoof strain. And our saddle pads are designed for comfort and stability.

Whether you’re looking for solariums, horse fences, irrigation systems, horse accessories such as tendon boots, or wall doors, mounting pads, or gates, Vitafloor has the equipment any state-of-the-art equine facility needs.