Q-Line Products

Q-Line Products

Vitafloor remains committed to excellence in equine well-being. Trusted by equine professionals worldwide, Q-Line (formerly Mounty) products combine quality, innovation, and convenience, allowing you to support your horse’s lifelong health.

Relax your horse and improve blood circulation in back muscles before and after strenuous exercise with the massage blanket. Our pro bandage roller and equine bandage rollers eliminate hand-rolling of  polo wraps and bandages for horses.

Horse mounting blocks are a training essential. Protect and prevent injury to tendons, cannon bones, and fetlock joints and keep legs warm with horse bandages.  Infrared light therapy with our solariums helps with blood flow and elimination of metabolic waste.

Q-Line products from Vitafloor offer portability, sturdy construction, versatility, and customization. Browse our full product selection today.

Product Attribute Filter
Product Attribute Filter
Horse Mounting Aid
Mounting Aid Basic Device
Mounty Roll-Up Bandage Roller
Roll-Up Type S Addons
Q-Line Roll-Up Type S. for Horse Bandages
Warm Up Massage Roller