This dramatic image slider shows a thermal scan done on a horse before and after a single 10 minute treatment on our Vitafloor.

These results clearly show what anybody who has ever stood on a Vitafloor already knows -the temperature increased all the way up to the top line, and becomes more evenly distributed throughout the whole body. Clinically we have seen ourselves and heard from our clients about positive results when used for colic and back problems, to name just a few. In addition, The Swedish Agricultural  University reported a drop in the temp of the fetlocks and hoof walls, which would back up positive results seen with laminitis cases using the Vitafloor.

US Teams Take Gold Medals at 2015 Pan Am Games

Great results for Vitafloor users at 2015 Pan Am Games so far! Team gold and individual gold and silver for Steffen Peters, Laura Graves and the US dressage team. Also team gold for the US Eventing team with Phillip Dutton…

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Review Confirms Vitafloor's Effectiveness on Tendon Injury

My horse Royal Flash had a severe injury to the deep digital flexor tendon and despite rest, good care and guidance from my vet it looked as if the injury would become chronic and I would have to give up the horse. Through my vet, who knew Vitafloor…

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