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Q-Line Equestrian Kick Wall

Safety Wall Protects Horses and Riders in Indoor Arenas

Q-line’s award-winning indoor horse arena safety wall and kick system is now available in North America, exclusively through Vitafloor USA. Q-line is world-renowned for innovating and manufacturing superior quality horse equipment and products handcrafted in Europe with meticulous attention to every detail. This riding arena kick wall follows the same tradition and improves safety for riders and horses during training exercises and arena performances.

One stumble can seriously injure a horse or its rider. From challenges with mounting to the risk of an accident due to speed and other factors, the kick wall addresses many indoor riding arena safety concerns. It is extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, it is easy to install and available in various colors (pro version) to improve the safety and aesthetics of your arena.

Horse Arena Safety Wall

Benefits of the Q-line Arena Kick Wall

Even the most accomplished horses and riders in the world can have accidents, and both can experience serious injuries in indoor arenas (especially metal buildings with steel beam construction). Q-line is recognized for putting safety first in all their products. Its award-winning, patent-pending horse arena safety walls and riding arena kick systems are proving to be invaluable in preventing blunt impact against steel or wood walls.


This is the greatest advantage of the Q-line safety wall. The Safety Wall is designed to keep the horse and rider off the wall and to prevent the horse getting its hoof stuck under it. In addition, the polyethylene material is much more forgiving than wood. It has much better shock absorption, is virtually unbreakable and can’t splinter like wood does.

Durable Synthetic Material

Maximizing ride quality and protection, the high-quality synthetic material is also waterproof. It holds up in a range of conditions, withstands a high mechanical load, and is extremely shock-absorbent and durable, contributing to its long-lasting performance.

Easy Mounting and Access

An optional integrated mounting aid helps the rider mount the horse with ease. It also automatically closes and becomes flush with the arena wall. The safety wall also has a hinged door for easy arena access.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The Q-line wall has just a few attachment points, so no technical skills are needed to install it in indoor arenas. In addition to its user-friendly design, it is easily maintained. The wall can be cleaned by spraying it with water. The surface is smooth and non-stick, repelling dirt.


Install safety wall gates with special integrated hinges to allow doors to open to the inside. Other accessories for Q-line’s renowned equestrian kick wall include corner sets with screws, end cover sets with finished ends, and screws and plastic plugs for brick-, steel and wood-based walls. Elements for walls with a steel back construction are available as well.

The Q-line Safety Kick Wall costs less than quality wood and is made of high-quality polyethylene. For more information on this indoor riding arena kick wall and other quality equine products, contact Vitafloor USA, Inc. at 831-319-2704 or request a quote online today.

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