q-line-indoor-arena-safety-wall-kits-indoor-horse-arena.Brought to you by Vitafloor USA
The Ultimate Shock Absorbing


For Riders and Their Horses
Horse Product of the Year

Award Winning

Innovation in Equestrian Safety
A Maintenance Free, Waterproof and

Cost Effective

Alternative to Wood Arena Walls


Q-line Indoor Horse Arena Safety Wall and Kick System

Q-line is world renowned for innovating and manufacturing superior quality horse products handcrafted in Europe with meticulous attention to every detail. Q-line’s award winning indoor Horse Arena Safety Wall and kick system is now available in North America exclusively through Vitafloor USA.

Horse Arena Safety Wall

Even the most accomplished horses and riders in the world can have accidents, and indoor arenas (especially metal buildings with steel beam construction) can lead to serious injury for both the horse and rider. Q-line is recognized for putting safety first in all of their products, and the award winning, patent pending horse arena safety walls and riding arena kick systems are proving to be an invaluable solution to prevent blunt impact against the steel or wood walls of an indoor riding arena.

Equestrian kick wall
Safety wall
Riding arena kick wall

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