Q-line® Safety Wall

Q-line® Safety Wall

Transforming Indoor Horse Riding Arenas

Indoor riding arenas are often considered to be the safest place to ride your horse due to the controlled environment. However, horses can achieve great speeds in an indoor arena and even a simple stumble by a well schooled horse can lead to serious injury to the horse or rider. The specially designed Q-line safety wall heightens the safety of indoor riding arenas. The lightweight, high quality synthetic safety wall is shock absorbent and offers equestrians and their horses protection from contact to the walls of their indoor riding arena and does so at a cost far less than most traditional wooden arena walls.

As with all Q-line products, the attention to every small detail is unsurpassed and everything from the hinges of the arena gates to the brilliantly designed mounting aid is carefully planned and developed. The mounting aid allows the rider to mount the horse and automatically closes and becomes flush with the arena wall when safely mounted.

Qline Safety Wall Mounting
Q-Line Safety Wall Mounting
Q-line Safety Wall Mounting

Safety walls are incredibly easy to install with just a few attachment points and the pro version is available in a wide range of colors to match your style and transform your indoor riding arena into a beautiful and safer riding option.

Over 150 Color Options

Safety Walls Qline Vitafloor Indoor Colors

The synthetic material in the Q-line indoor arena safety wall is specially developed and produced under the highest technological standards to provide horses and riders maximum quality and protection. The smooth finishing of the safety wall is waterproof and extremely hard to damage giving it a very long lifespan. Plus, investing in your safety with a Q-line safety wall is less than the cost of quality wood.

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