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Q-line is world renowned for innovating and manufacturing superior quality horse products handcrafted in Europe with meticulous attention to every detail. Q-line’s unmatched safety and technologically advanced hot walker, horse walkers and horse exercisers are now available in North America exclusively through Vitafloor USA.

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Q-line Hot Walker

Q-line® Exercisers

Horse Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

Q-line horse exercisers and hot walker horse walker can safely and positively affect the health and usability of horses. In their natural habitat, horses walk an average of 16 hours a day, covering over 20 miles (30 kilometres). Most deformities of the hoof (and other parts of the horse) are related to a shortage of exercise. Turning a horse out in pasture is not enough exercise, as the amount and intensity of exercise domesticated horses take of their own accord is too little. Show horses, sport horses and performance horses who stand still in a box stall to avoid injury often develop hoof problems as a typical consequence of human interference. Q-line eurocisers allow horses to achieve optimal amounts of daily exercise while maintaining the control and safety of being stabled.

Research at the Testing Station for Horse Husbandry in Lelystad, The Netherlands, has shown that nutrition and exercise are the two key factors in determining horses’ health and especially the quality of the legs. A horse needs a lot more exercise than just an hour a day. Horse exercisers and horse walkers are essential to the care and longevity of domesticated horses.

Hot walker, horse walker, horse exercisers, Euroxcisers

Standing Horse Hot Walker Type LBE

Our step-in model horse hot walkers are offered at a very competitive price, suitable for 4-6 horses with a standard diameter of 15 meters (50 ft).

Hot walker, horse walker, horse exercisers, Euroxcisers

Professional Horse Exerciser Type HE

Our professional model horse exerciser offers diameters ranging between 12 and 20 meters (40 – 66 ft) for 3 – 8 horses…

Hot walker, horse walker, horse exercisers, Euroxcisers

Ceiling Mounted Horse Exercisers

Our top of the range ceiling mounted equine exerciser with diameters of 18 or 20 meters (60 or 66 ft), allowing a lunging pen in the middle…

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