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Horse Exercise Equipment

Q-line products are innovative, revealing, and progressive. The horse exerciser products we offer are equipped standard with multiple safety features such as lightweight horse-friendly drift fences, or safety rods. With the Q-line horse exerciser, you can provide your horse with controlled training in an environment that is safe and conducive to building physical fitness. A horse walker can help build stamina, decreasing the likelihood of injury and foot and hoof deformities that can occur due to a lack of exercise.

The safety of your horse was the prime focus in the Q-line designs. You can train your horses safely every day in a Q-line horse exerciser/training mill. The hot walker improves your horse’s condition in many ways. Maneuverability, endurance, and stronger bones are only a few of the traits your horse will be training. An equine exerciser is also great for muscle health, as it can increase blood-oxygen saturation. It can also improve carbon dioxide removal in the lungs and strengthen the heart, lowering pulse rate and blood pressure while increasing efficiency. With an equine exercise machine, a horse’s reflexes can also be improved, which enables the horse to correct its movement after a false step, potentially avoiding a serious fall.

Properly exercised horses are, therefore, more coordinated, less stiff, and less prone to injury. Using an automatic horse walker, your equines can get the exercise they need. Horse trainers can make adjustments as needed, so every horse gets the attention and training it deserves.

The control boxes of our walkers have time interval and direction reversal settings. The speed can be set with the waterproof speedometer, while directions can be set manually or digitally. You can choose to let your horses walk or walk and trot (or even light canter) in the Q-line horse exerciser. Therefore, you can build up the training sessions, starting with short sessions and adding time as your horses become accustomed to our leading horse exercise equipment.

Safety Fencing

Safety Fencing

Horse exercisers have specific requirements when it comes to fencing and Safety Fencing that’s strong, maintenance-free and, most importantly, safe. Furthermore, it’s easy to install, the price is favorable compared to that of other fencing materials and, once installed, there are no further maintenance costs. Also, because horses can see all around them, they are less likely to spook when they hear noises.

Our horse fencing also has natural wood aesthetics and is easy to install. There are no nails that can come loose and potentially harm your horses. You can add even add more safety fencing with PVC strips. The safety fencing will not sag once it is stretched. It is resistant to ultra-violet light and can tolerate temperatures as high as 120°F. Safety fencing is available in rolls up to 50 meters (about 164 feet) long, with black strips that are 10 centimeters (3.93 inches) wide.

Ceiling Mounted Horse Exercisers

Standing Horse Hot Walker Type LBE

Our step-in hot horse walker is available at a very competitive price, suitable for three to six horses with a standard diameter of between 40 and 50 ft. It is provided with a direct drive, mesh push fence, and walk control box type WCB1 with adjustable speed control, automatic direction change, and emergency stop (a direct drive, electronic braking system is included). All the hot horse walker’s parts are completely galvanized. It also comes with a 110V/60 Hz power connection.

This model is nearly maintenance-free, thanks to a corrosion-resistant design. Reduced friction on the driving engine helps minimize energy consumption and supports a more durable, longer-lasting system.

Professional Horse Exerciser Type HE

Professional Horse Exerciser Type HE

Our professional model has diameters ranging between 50 and 72 ft (larger diameters and dual track versions available upon request) for three, four, six, or eight horses. It is provided with a direct drive and lightweight horse-friendly, impact-proof rod push fence. With the walk/trot control box type WCB2, adjustable speed control, automatic direction change, a 2-way switch (with walk-only/walk-trot settings), and an emergency stop, it enables full control over your horses’ exercise routine.

Type HE models can also be supplied with fully programmable control box type WTCB3. All parts are completely galvanized. Featuring an industrial gear motor, large central ball bearing, and 110V/60 Hz power connection, this horse walker consumes just 0.5 kW and offers silent operation.

Ceiling Mounted Horse Exercisers

Our top-of-the-range, ceiling-mounted exerciser with diameters of 50 to 72 ft allows a lunging pen in the middle. This horse walker design mounts directly to your building structure. It is provided with a silent AC gear/motor with direct drive and a lightweight horse-friendly, impact-proof rod push fence. Also included are a walk/trot control box type WCB2 with adjustable speed control, automatic direction change, two programs, and emergency stop.

By installing your horse walker under the roof indoors, you can allow horses to exercise in a temperature-controlled environment all year long. The system can also be supplied with a fully programmable control box type WTCB3. All parts are completely galvanized, and the power connection is 110V/60 Hz.

Horse upon a Vitafloor platform

Enclosures & Accessories

Our horse walkers are completely customizable to meet your needs. They may be ordered with a variety of unique and safe options, including our flexible open fencing, fully or partially covered roof, built-in irrigation system for dust-free footing, and even a programmable computer to store your horse’s exercise routines. We also supply Q-line horse solariums for equine light therapy and horse arena safety walls, in addition to top-of-the-line exercisers.

Find a horse walker for sale and place your order today right here at Vitafloor USA, Inc. Contact us today to for a consultation and consider options from horse walker flooring to horse walker parts, to a variety of extras to customize your installation. We will help set up your horse up with the perfect equipment. Call (831) 319-2704 today to learn more.

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