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Q-line is world renowned for innovating and manufacturing superior quality horse products handcrafted in Europe with meticulous attention to every detail. Q-line’s horse solariums are horse heat lamps that are an incomparable equine light therapy for horses which are now available in North America exclusively through Vitafloor USA.

Equine light therapy
Horse Solarium
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The high output infrared light produced by Q-line horse solariums penetrates the horse’s skin into the underlying muscle to significantly stimulate blood circulation. Red equine light therapy improves the horses’ muscle elasticity, therefore helping to prevent and recover from injuries. The infrared light further increases the rate in which the horse’s muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic acids.

Q-line® Horse Solariums

Equine Solariums & Infrared Light Therapy for Horses

With 40% more output than any other horse heat lamps on the market and the most advanced innovations in infrared bulbs, Q-line horse solariums are hands down the most powerful infrared horse equine light therapy in the equine world. If you have ever taken a tour of the top performance horse stables in Europe, you’ll know it is nearly impossible to miss the radiant warm light glowing from the barn aisles of the most competitive equestrians. Q-line equine solariums are viewed as an indispensable necessity throughout Europe and used daily to warm-up and relax horses before and after riding, in addition to drastically stimulating circulation to aid in recovery and reduction of injuries.

Equine Solariums

As with all Q-line products, the safety and comfort of your horse is paramount. Each horse solarium is made of lightweight, heat resistant plastic with rounded edges and inset heat lamps to greatly reduce the risk of injury. Built-in circulation fans evenly distribute a pleasant heat providing maximum comfort and relaxation for your horse.

Q-line MeRCuRR Horse Solarium

With it’s convenient compact shape, raised front, smooth rounded edges and heat resistant reinforced plastic body built to the highest specifications, the Q-line MeRCuRR horse solarium is the perfect choice for wash racks and grooming areas…

Q-line MaXuSS 230 Horse Solarium

The MaXuSS solarium is shaped specially to follow the horse’s back and provide the perfect infrared therapy to warm specific muscle groups. The front and rear sections move independently, so you can always find the ideal position for your horse…

Q-line Electric Horse Solarium Lift

The Q-line Electric Lift ensures the optimal solarium height for every horse with the push of a single button to raise and lower the solarium in just seconds. It is also an excellent option for stables with a pitched or angled barn roof…

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