The Q-line Comparison

By simply looking at a Q-line next to any other solarium in the horse industry, the difference in quality will be apparent immediately. The reason is Q-line innovates, designs, manufactures and tests their own products at their own facilities in Europe where stringent quality standards are in effect. They then agonize over every finite detail, no matter how small, to ensure the best possible quality, safety, performance and longevity before ever releasing a product. If the design is anything less than flawless, it will continue to go through countless iterations until it is. And, for this reason, Q-line is the leader in horse solariums with nearly double the output and effectiveness of every other horse solarium in the world.

Q-line infrared solariums improve your horse’s performance and condition by using the latest technological advancements in red light therapy and specially designed infrared light bulbs to penetrate through the horse’s skin into the underlying muscles to stimulate blood circulation and increase muscle elasticity at a rate of 40% greater than any other horse solarium or infrared red light therapy in the world.

The Q-line Advantage

The top 10 reasons Q-line is the leader in infrared horse solariums.

  • To guarantee the safest possible equipment for your horse, every artisan crafted, hand-built, Q-line infrared horse solarium comes stamped with DEKRA certification to meet Europe’s strictest safety demands according to the NEN 3140 and Labor and Health Directive.
  • The high output Q-line infrared light bulbs produce nearly two times the amount of heat produced by conventional red light bulbs and average a more than 500% longer lifespan consisting of a minimum 5,000 hours of use.
  • Q-line infrared horse solariums are built to the highest specifications with an ABS reinforced heat resistant materials to ensure a minimal amount of heat escapes through the body of the solarium.
  • Due to their high level of efficiency, Q-line solariums use up to 40% less energy than any other horse solarium on the market and are remarkably environmentally friendly.
  • Distinguishable throughout the entire Q-line family of horse products is the #1 priority of everything produced… SAFETY. Q-line solariums are finished with rounded sides and no harsh corners or sharp edges that could lead to injury of your horse.
  • To further enhance the safety of the Q-line solarium, the infrared lamps are intricately positioned inset high into the body of the solarium to eliminate the potential of your horse coming into contact with the bulbs.
  • The stylish appearance and smooth finish of a Q-line horse solarium is purpose built to target the right muscle groups and follow the contour of the horse’s back.
  • No assembly required, the Q-line horse solarium is carefully packaged and shipped as a full unit and very easy to install into your barn isleway, washrack or grooming station.
  • Q-line Solariums require little to no maintenance and with specially developed red light bulbs lasting more than 5,000 hours, even changing a bulb would be a rare occasion.
  • With the technologically advanced design and the selection of the highest quality water resistant materials and meticulous hand-built assembly, the issue of corrosion that all other horse solarium companies face, is non-existent. Q-line products are built to last.
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