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Therapeutic Saddle Pads Relieve

Back Pain

In Horses and Absorb Shock up to 50%
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Clinically Tested Documented Results
Dramatic Increase in Horse


With Sedelogic’s Orthopedic Pads

NEW!!! The highly anticipated, award winning S-Curve Saddle Pad is now available in the USA! This advanced orthopedic saddle pad can be custom formed to your horse’s back using patented, veterinary created technology proven to offer unparalleled therapeutic and performance benefits for your horse.

Sedelogic ®

Clinically Proven Shock Absorption

Equine back problems are often caused by badly fitting saddles. Because of the continual development and changes in the musculature of the horse’s back during training, even a perfectly fitted saddle does not always stay that way, and you can often notice diminished performance, back pain or even secondary issues such as soundness problems until the saddle has been re-adjusted. The Sedelogic Saddle Pad can provide an easy solution for this and can also help in preventing these issues happening in the first place!

The above video shows several pressure measurements taken from a number of horses over jumps, the first experiment of this kind worldwide. Peak pressures of up to 100 Newtons per square centimeter were measured on landing at specific points under the saddle. To put this into perspective, this is equal to six times the pressure of being stood on by an elephant! The Sedelogic Saddle Pad’s high shock absorbing properties achieved a verifiable peak pressure reduction of up to 50%.

Sedelogic Saddle Pad

Sedelogic’s unique three dimensional weaving technique creates thousands of mini shock absorbers, resulting in a major reduction of pressure points. This major advancement in the alleviation of equine back problems was veterinarian created and developed with laboratory and field testing, (including jumping tests at the Stoeterij Duyselhof of the VDL Group).

“I have been using the Sedelogic Saddle Pads now for over a year, and have found many benefits with this product. The horses warm up easier and are happier and more relaxed over their backs making it easier for them to engage from back to front. Riders feel more hip and back relief, and it helps amateurs to sit the gaits more easily. It gives more protection than sheepskin, as well as being much cooler and fast drying. It is very durable, easy to clean and does not break down or lose its’ protective properties or shape. I would recommend these pads for any type of horse or rider!”


Jason Canton
USDF Gold Medallist
Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

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