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Sedelogic Technology

For the ultimate shock absorption, weight distribution and orthopedic benefits, Sedelogic offers a new line of uniquely re-moldable custom fit saddle pads with a thin, sturdy layer of breathable thermoplastic providing the perfect fit for every horse. As your horse’s body changes (gaining muscle, weight, etc.), or you decide to switch to a different horse, simply reheat and reshape the pad as often as you wish.

Sedelogic Therapeutic Saddlepads Curve Pad Black
Sedelogic Therapeutic Saddlepads Curve Pad Black
Sedelogic Therapeutic Saddlepads Curve Pad Black

Custom Fit Sedelogic Saddle Pads

Due to the stiffened thermoplastic middle layer, weight can be more evenly distributed over a larger area, lessening the possibility of pressure points. During the forming phase, you can ensure that the withers remains totally free, preventing the pulling force often seen with other saddle pads which also leads to restriction in the freedom of movement. This re-forming process can be repeated as often as necessary to ensure a continual perfect custom fit and prevention of pain for your horse.

Custom Fit Sedelogic Tendon Boots

Sedelogic Tendon Protector’s use a thermoplastic layer that can be molded to the shape of your horse’s legs by using a heat source such as a hairdryer. Once soft, you should put the boot on and secure with a wrap and allow 10-20 minutes for the outer shell to harden. The result is a custom fit product with the combination of shock absorbing softer layers and the stiffened thermoplastic layer which in maximum protection without increasing the temperature of the horse’s leg when ridden.

Award Winning S-Curve Pad

Sedelogic Equilizer Pad

Custom Tendon Boots

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