About Sedelogic

Developed and highly researched by a team of technicians, veterinarians, hospital scientists and a renowned saddle manufacturer using aerospace technology to innovate a lightweight, moisture-wicking product with the ultimate in shock absorption, Sedelogic products are rapidly gaining popularity on a global scale among top level show jumpers, dressage trainers, endurance riders, eventers and even trail riders who understand how imperative it is to keep the horse’s legs cool while still achieving maximum leg protection.


In conjunction with renowned veterinary universities throughout Europe, Dr. Jerome Stokkermans created the Sedelogic product line to achieve significant and verifiable improvements to the welfare and performance of horses in high-impact sport disciplines. As an owner of an equine veterinary practice in Heerlen (The Netherlands) for more than 15 years, Dr. Stokkermans was confronted with countless performance problems often associated with significant pain in the horse’s back, which lead him to perform a thorough investigation of the back, the saddle and the pad. This intensive research included conducting the world’s first pressure measurements under the saddle while jumping a full course.

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