Sedelogic’s veterinarian developed technology provides a remarkable solution to the critical problem of damaging a horse’s tendons with rising temperatures caused by wraps and traditional tendon boots. The three-dimensionally woven polyester fiber allows the leg to be fully ventilated without compromising protection. The fibers cannot absorb water making them perfect for eventers and long distance riders who encounter water. The boots dry almost instantly, even after rinsing with a garden hose.

Sedelogic Front Leg Tendon Protectors

The Tendon protector uses patented technology and because of the added thermoplastic layer the tendon protector can be molded to the shape of your horse’s legs by means of a hair dryer. Once soft, you should put the boot on and secure with a wrap and allow 10-20 minutes for the outer shell to harden. The result is a custom fit product.

Sedelogic Hind Leg Tendon Protectors

The combination of the shock absorbing softer layers and the stiffened thermoplastic layer results in maximum protection. The tendon protector can simply be rinsed with a water hose or washed by hand, and is almost immediately dry because the fiber does not absorb water.

Sedelogic Revolutionary Cool Pad

The Sedelogic cool pad is an easily secured boot containing a natural cellulose removable insert which absorbs more than 20 times its own weight in water and then releases it slowly. The purpose of the cool pad is the prevention and/or inhibition of irritation and swelling of tendons and fetlock joints. The pad is constructed of a unique three dimensionally woven polyester fiber structure which keeps the natural ventilation intact.

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