Sedelogic Icelandic Saddle Pad


The Sedelogic Icelandic Pad consists of 2 layers of breathable 3D woven polyester fiber, specifically developed to achieve maximum shock absorption and reduce pressure points. The open structure allows better ventilation, reducing moisture and heat build-up and therefore keeping your horse drier and making it less likely for heat bumps to occur. It can be used directly on the horse’s back, without the need for any other pads underneath it. It is covered with a specially developed anti-slip fabric which prevents the pad or saddle from any slippage.

It is only available in black, size large, which should fit most Icelandic saddles. In addition to protecting your horse, the Sedelogic Icelandic saddle pad is machine washable and quick drying.




1.1625 lbs


22 × 11.1 × 0.7 in

EAN number



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