Sedelogic Dressage Contoured Saddle Pad


Dressage riders and equine athletes experience much impact during performance that can result in discomfort or injury.  The Sedelogic Dressage Contoured Saddle Pad has been developed to provide shock absorption and pressure relief during dressage performance. Fitting perfectly underneath your dressage saddle, the Sedelogic dressage pad provides you with needed support and your horse’s back with protection.

The pad’s open structure and moisture-wicking polyester fiber material allows for better ventilation and discharge of heat, which means your horse’s back stays dry, cool, and comfortable. The shock-absorbing secret of this Sedelogic pad is in its 3D woven construction, which results in the creation of shock absorbers in the hundreds of thousands throughout the pad. This even pressure distribution reduces pressure points,

Weighing only 310 grams, the Sedelogic Dressage Saddle Pad can be easily added under an English saddle for reduced impact and virtually no added weight for horses with sensitive backs. For horses with kissing spines, we recommend one of Sedelogic’s S-Curve thermoplastic saddle pads, which can be molded to the shape of your horse’s back for added comfort.

This dressage pad features a lightweight, contoured design with a thicker pad of 2-ply fabric under the seat and 1-ply fabric at the sides for maximum comfort during dressage riding and performance. Its soft cover contributes to the pad’s pressure-relieving and shock-absorbing properties. In fact, this black Sedelogic saddle pad for dressage has multiple shock-absorbing layers for maximum comfort.

Breathable materials help keep the horse cool. This high-quality Sedelogic pad is also machine washable, and its quick-dry material allows for use soon after washing.

In addition to dressage saddle pads, we also offer Sedelogic thermoplastic saddle pads designed for other disciplines and saddle sizes, such as Western and Icelandic pads. Looking for other products? Vitafloor’s exercisers, solariums, vibration plates and treadmills are used in equine therapy and endorsed by equine professionals around the world. Start shopping here.



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