Sedelogic S-Curve Breathable Half Saddle Pad


For the ultimate shock absorption, weight distribution and orthopedic benefits, Sedelogic offers a new line of uniquely re-moldable custom fit saddle pads with a thin, sturdy layer of breathable thermoplastic providing the perfect fit for every horse. As your horse’s body changes (gaining muscle, weight, etc.), or you decide to switch to a different horse, simply reheat and reshape the pad as often as you wish.

Lightweight half pad, English. Suitable for all disciplines. Especially good for horses with sensitive backs or kissing spines. Re-moldable for custom fit. Pressure-relieving, shock absorbing, breathable, washable at 80 degrees F. & quick drying. 2 ply with extra layer of pressure distributing thermoplast in the back. Color: black.



1.1 lbs


21 × 12 × 0.7 in


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